Ferrari F430 Maintenance & DIY

Oil Change

Products I used:

Fixing Paint Chips

Dr. Colorchip Kit:

Wash, Clay Bar, Paint Chips, and PPF installation

OEM Manifold / Header replacement

Aldus Voice’s website was my primary guide:

Here’s all the various parts I purchased:
Phoenix Headers:
Studs (16):
Header nuts (16):
Gaskets (2):
Collector Bolts (6):
Collector nuts (6):

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel Bearing (part #194134)
Scuderia Car Parts:

Wheel Nut (part #209184)
Scuderia Car Parts:

Notable tools needed:
Torque wrench that can go to 200 ft-lbs
Torque wrench with 50-65 ft-lbs
36mm socket (
Breaker bar
Punch set
8mm, 10mm, 14mm hex sockets
Bearing Puller

Here is a fantastic webpage reference with all the torque specs and step by step instructions.

Replacing the Motor Mounts

Part No. 216357:

CV Boot Replacement

DIY Position Indicators

Installing Skid Plates

Skid Plates:

Sticky Buttons

Replacing the Battery

Washing the F430

Installing a Battery Tender

How to change the Air Filter

Air Filter: